About Us

30 years as a family business has kept us quite busy!  Thru several trials and errors, we have mastered the screenprinting business.  Everything from printing with reflecting ink to keeping the books straight, we finally know what to do.

Our promise to our customers:  we will do everything we can to supply the best quality product for the best price, in a timely fashion.

Our Business

Our store WAS located in a downtown suburb of Akron, OH. for 30 years.  We moved in Jan. 2015 to a business district.  The owners do all the work,  so we are sure that nothing goes out the door that we wouldn’t wear.

Who We Are

Husband and wife,  Ron & Kathy,  along with son John, have been working hard for the last 30 years to be the best.

Team Shirt Factory is here to do everything possible to make you look good.